If I sprained my ankle could that make my gout act up?

Yes. Injuries to the foot or ankle can cause a gout flare up. If you have been diagnosed with gout in the past this may be likely. See your foot specialist to properly evaluate your ankle sprain. Initial treatment of your gout symptoms will include an antiinflammatory and or cortisone injection. For long term control and treatment of your gout see your primary doctor.
Can. But see a rheumatologis or internist. Most podiatrist doe not address the real problem of hyperuricemia which can cause kidney disease, kidney stones, and other problems. Uric acid need be lowered colchicine, steroid injections, and nsaids are not enough.
Podagra. It is possible. Gout is an inflammatory arthritis that is usually initiated by a diet change, diuretics, alcohol intake, stress or trauma..... See your pcp or podiatrist for a thorough physical exam, diagnosis, and appropriate treatment reccs....
Usually not. Gout is an acute arthritic disease that comes in an attack that usually has a dietary trigger. Your body is unable to handle a load of purine-rich food that results in an elevated concentration of uric acid in the bloodstream. Alternatively, some people with a change in their diuretic medication can become dehydrated and that is another possible trigger.

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What can I do to distinguish between an ankle sprain and gout?

Gout. Gout looks like a infection with redness, swelling, bright red, sometimes a hole develops that leaks out gouty crystals through the skin. Ankle sprain usually has trauma associated with it and is instant after the trauma.
Uric Acid / Trauma? Sprains are usually associate with some type of injury. With gout one may have elevated uric acid levels which can be determined by a simple blood test.