Potassium citrate and potassium chloride. Which is better for summer heat?

Gatorade. Spend a few dollars andbuy gatorade. It is a perfect liquid for this purpose. Dont use home remedies as they can be harmful.

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Hi docs, do you think it's bad to take potassium chloride with potassium citrate?

Not enough info. Why are you taking potassium supplements in the first place? If there is not a medical reason, potassium can cause major and even life-threatening side-effects.

What is more appropriate for hypokalemia? Potassium citrate or potassium chloride? Thank you. Please explain.

Chloride is fine. Potassium chloride is appropriate unless there are kidney stones involved.
Rx for low K. Best to take it by diet. I recommend low sodium V-8 which contains about 1, 000 mg K per 8 oz. Also orange juice can have a lot. Do the DASH eating plan. But need to find out why it is low and fix it.

What is the more preferable pill for hypokalemic periodic paralysis? Potassium chloride or potassium citrate? Please explain. Thank you.

Potassium chloride. They are both fine, but potassium citrate tends to alkalize the blood a little more (shift the acid-base balance).
Either works. The key is to keep the potassium level normal. Some patients prefer one over the other. Cost, availability and palatabiliity all come into play. Talk with your doctor, .

What's more appropriate for hypokalemia or hypokalemic periodic paralysis? Potassium chloride or potassium citrate? Thanks.

Potassium Chloride. There is some suggestion that Potassium Chloride is better since the chloride ion may counteract the metabolic alkalosis that comes with hypokalemia. A more important point is that you should use immediate release forms if you are planning to take it when you have an attack of paralysis.
Either. You could use either, whichever you tolerate better or works better for you. The standard is the potassium chloride.
Potassium chloride. Is a better choice for hypokalemia. Potassium citrate is used more to alkalinize urine in cases of urinary tract infection etc. Http://www. Livestrong. Com/article/557091-potassium-chloride-vs-potassium-citrate/.