Any one have a child with jra, stills disease?

Autoinflammatory dis. Systemic jia/jra is actually an autoinflammatory disease rather than an autoimmune disease and is more similar to periodic fever syndromes than RA or jra. There's a problem with the innate immune system's triggering and control of inflammation, not a problem with mistakenly recognizing one's own proteins as foreign (like a virus). As such, Anakinra and steroids are most effective long term meds.
Still's disease. Still's disease is the old name for sytemic onset jra, which starts with high fever and usually with no arthritis. At times these childre have joint pain. They have high white blood cell and elevated sed. Rate. The DX in one of excluding a severe infection. Its association with hepatitis and dic was reported in ped, vol. 103. P 872, 1983. I am a co-author of this paper.