How should I care for a stoma site?

Stoma care. It is really important one cares for their stoma properly. There are a couple of different kinds of stomas. My best advise is to work with your dr. And especially the nurse. In fact, there are certain nurses who specialize in this ostomy area and have real expertise. You should work closely with the nurse. Here is a link for a website dealing with ostomy care: http://www.Wocn.Org/.
Gently. Skin around a stoma is very sensative. You should take special care of it. Don't change the appliance too often. Clean the skin gently. Make sure the skin is dry and clean. Use stoma adhesive and powder. It would be wise to start a relationship with a certified enterostomal therapist. You can find one registered with the society of wound ostomy and continence nursing (wocn).