What's the difference between gout and arthritis in men?

Gout is 1 form . There are 4 kinds of arthritis: crystal diseases like gout, infections like lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other immune problems, and degenerative arthritis like osteoarthritis. Gout comes on within a day and resolves in several days with severe pain possibly redness, warmth, swelling compared to osteo which is milder, usually doesn't go away, and isn't as red/warm. Go to dr. For help.
Uric acid. Gout is specificaly a monarticular disease caused by elevated uric acid. Arthitis is a general term to descibe a joint that's cartiledge is worn away in men or woman. Sex doesn't matter.
One of many. Gout is one of about 105 types of arthritis, gout is caused by crystals of monosodium urate found in the joint fluid. It is only visible by looking at the fluid with a polarized microscope, using birefingent microscopy. These should be done by a board certified rheumatologist.