Completely cut out red meat and booze if gout?

Try to. It's highly recommended to avoid alcohol because it adds uric acid and keeps your kidneys from flushing uric acid out (double whammy). Vegetarians do best with gout but just avoiding red meat is great too.
It isn't an allergy, So you don't have to eliminate the dietary triggers altogether in most cases, but you definitely want to minimize the risk, so the less alcohol (esp. Beer and red wine), red meat, organ meat, shellfish and other trigger foods you can eat, the less likely you will be to have an attack.
Shellfish, No. Although the evidence is scant we recommend avoid shellfish like lobster, shrimp. We suspect organ meats like liver or pancreas (sweet breads) are culprits and prime rib. As I said food and wine are named, but in my opinion, not convicted. I'll "stay" on my answer.

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Can I get over gout if I go completely with no red meat and booze?

Dietary Triggers. Also remember legumes, i.e., beans, shellfish and seafood, certain cheeses, game meats, and there may be a few more. All foods in moderation may help. Cherry juice reduces attacks.
Unlikely. Gout is related to having too high a level of uric acid in the blood. This leads to the formation and precipitation of sodium urate crystals. These are the gout crystals that precipitate in the joints and cause gout attacks. Meat and alcohol can be big contributers but the basic problem in gout is that the body is unable to remove the normal level of uric acid the the uric acid builds up.

If I want to prevent gout does that mean completely no red meat and booze?

I hate to say but. Those two changes in your diet maybe the 2 most important dietary changes you can make. It certainly can limit or possible eliminate gouty flares.
Each person differs. Although alcohol can increase the risk of gout in some, and decreasing alcohol can help prevent gout and in some depending on the amount ingested stop gout. Dietary restriction of red meat is unlikely to stop gout. People with gout more often have metabolic changes and/or renal (kidney) changes that leads to elevated uric acid, that leads to the production of urate crystals that cause gout.

What could have caused my gout? 47 years old. Never had gout. Don't drink. Low red meat. Excellent health. Work out hard 4 times a week.

See details. You have gout because you have inherited issues that cause you serum uric acid to be elevated. Diet has little effect. You need to prevent recurrences by taking allopurinol to lower your serum uric acid below 6 mg/dl. Gout is not a benign disease. It leads to joint damage, kidney stone, reduction of kidney function and arteriosclerosis if it is not treated and prevented.
Ask your relatives. Gout is for men often a heritable disease, and male relatives are likely to be affected. If so, you may need treatment to prevent. Diet etc. Matter, but some people just make too much uric acid, ar can't pee it ot so good. Drugs can modify alll of that. A 24 hour urine collection is where I would start.
Too much protein. In the form of purines. Avoid organ meats or sausage.

I have high uric acid levels. I also have only one kidney. I seldom eat red meat. I don't drink. Could there be a connection? I have mild gout.

Yes. The fact that you have one kidney and also have gout is a potentially serious combination. You need to be on allopurinol or Uloric to lower the serum uric acid below 6 mg/dl to prevent kidney stones or compromise of function in your one kidney. For you, there is no such thing as mild gout. All gout is serious.
Uric acid. Yes, renal impairment is one common cause of elevated uric acid. Diuretic therapy makes it worse. Likely connected. Optimal diet is essential. Low meat, no liver, low phosphate features.

I'm taking allopurinol and colchicine everyday. No sign for gout attack until today. Can I take red meat (beef) as much and as often as I like?

Yes and no. You should be protected against future attacks but eating red meat frequently is a health hazard in itself.
Meat and gout. No you should not. Limit red meat to 4-6 oz 3 times per week. Incline diet toward more and more fruit and veggie -- less meat.

How did I get gout. I weigh 42 kilos, don't drink smoke, eat red meat, shellfish etc and run/walk an hour a day. What am I doing wrong. Thank you?

Nothing. Diet has little effect. High uric acid is most often an inherited issue. If you have gout you need to be on allopurinol to normalize your serum uric acid and prevent further attacks.