What is the best way to help diabetic neuropathy, other than watch your blood sugars?

Vit B, stop smoking. Diet and exercise to control the sugars. Stop smoking as this can lead to worsening of the circulation to the nerves, limit alcohol as it can damage nerves. Get your vitamin b levels checked and supplement as necessary. For the type of diabetic neuropathy that leads to burning tingling sensation, a prescription (topical or oral) may be required to help control the symptoms.
Diabetic neuropathy. Besides watching the blood sugar level, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is recommended. You should: - have a healthy-eating plan - get plenty of physical activity - stop smoking - avoid alcohol.
Control glucose. The best way is to control your blood sugar. Without that it will likely cont to progress. Other tx is aimed more at tx of symptoms. Meds like gabapentin, Pregabalin are oral rx meds that can be tried for that purpose. It's also very important when someone has neuropathy to carefully check your feet (often) for cuts, scratches, etc so as to prevent, or catch early, any complications.