What is the best treatment for pain of neuropathy?

Control glucose. Most important is to control ur blood sugar-w/o that it will likely cont to progress. Tx aimed @ sx include oral: gabapentin, pregabalin, some antidepressants (ex duloxetine), more & topical: capsaicin, lidocaine, tens, more. Dfclt to predict who will respond to which the best. Lots of choices & I gen talk thru in's & out's of many & decide together which to try 1st, etc. May need combo top + oral.
Treat the cause. If you are fortunate enough to know the cause of your neuropathy, the best treatment is to treat the underlying cause (control thyroid, diabetes, rheumatoid, abstain from alcohol, avoid heavy metals or insecticide exposure, etc). Very few options exist to help nerves heal (daily b complex vitamin has some merit), and most treatments simply help control symptoms.