Is ankle swelling associated with heat exhaustion or due to vasodilation?

Both. Ankle swelling has many causes including vasodilation, venous insufficiency, lymphedema, high blood pressure, kidney problems, etc... Heat exhaustion will cause a temporary shut down of the kidneys, thereby also possibly causing swelling to the ankles.
Edema. Swelling about the ankle may have a different sources ranging from sprains and strains to increased sodium intake to lymphedema, etc.... See your physician for further eval of the edema and reccs.....

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Help please! Is ankle swelling associated with heat exhaustion due to vasodilation?

Yes. When you become overheated, your body seeks to lower it's temperature by vasodilating and allowing increased blood flow to the skin. This can result in edema.

Is it true that ankle swellingis associated with heat exhaustion due to vasodilation?

Ankle swelling. When the body is overheated blood vessels dilate and the pressure in the lower legs can force fluid out of the dilated veins. For this reason lower extremity edema is not uncommon in heat exposure conditions.

When will my ankle swelling go down? When heat wave ends?

Maybe. The increased heat can have an affect on your swelling but what was the original cause and how long has it been going on. It sounds like you need to have it examined and treated.
Swollen. Try resting and elevation. Low sodium diet! Compression hose lots of water stay out of the heat see your pcp regarding ankle swelling.

I am experiencing ankle swelling. Apply heat or cold?

Depends. If this is from an acute injury like a sprain, cold would be better. If this is more chronic or happening at the end of the day you would be better off using a compression sock. Let me know if I can be any more help.
Either way or both. Depending on the proximal cause of the swelling, the ankle can be treated with either heat, bold or both. Generally cold is for a more acute or recent injury. Heat can help with a chronic issue, mainly to increase blood flow and to promote healing.
Cold. At 26 y/o you should not be having swelling unless you are very overweight or wearing non-supportive shoes. If neither is the case, I would speak with your primary care doctor.

I am experiencing difficulty staying awake during day, chest wall pain, fatigue and increasing ankle swelling. The following also describe: :gasping?

Fatigue. Your symptoms are suggestive of a variety of conditions from obstructive sleep apnea to congestive heart failure : it is critical to undergo a detailed history, physical examination and appropriate directed testing ASAP.
Cardiac workup. The signs and symptoms you describe are most often found related to cardiac or lung related issues. Need to be evaluated with ECG and echo and Chest x ray and physical exam by competent physician.

Gfr level 58. Fatigue, muscle pain, headache, flank pain. Is this really serious or can my GFR go back up? Also ankle swelling. I don't have a pcp yet.

Unreliable. I'd be concerned about a kidney infection. These estimated gfr's derived from spot creatinines are subscientific -- there's even an adjustment "because people of african descent are more muscular" -- and i'd both you and your physician to focus on how you look and feel rather than on numbers that are at best intended as guides.