Are there any remedy for foot arthritis?

Depends. Depending on the location and severity of the arthritis, orthotics, nsaids, bracing and surgery may be needed.
Yes. There is usually some form of remedy for every condition. The treatment would depend on the type of arthritis you are talking about and the specific location. Example: spurring of bones is considered arthritis and the simple solution is to remove the spur. Sometimes blocking motion with a brace will ease pain as the motion caauses the pain. The location of the pain is a determining factor for tx.
Foot Arthritis. Inflammatory joint diseases are responsible of chronic systemic inflammation, joint degradations, deformities, and altered quality of life. Patients suffering from chronic rheumatic diseases also present increased bone fragility and increased fracture risk. A new class of medications called biologics are very successful at treating this disease process.
Many treatments. Treating arthritis of the feet is the same as anywhere else in the body .It ranges from medication to surgery.

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