I have just been diagnosed with ehlers-danlos syndrome and have history of fractures. Should I stop playing contact sports?

EDS. In the simplest terms ehlers danlos is a condition in which patients have exteme laxity. The condition is actually far more complex and there are several classifications of severity. We recommend the avoidance of contact sports due to the much higher risk of injury, including significant dislocations and fractures as the result of this process. Bracing of affected joints may also be considered.
Yes. Unfortunately ehlers-danlos syndrome will predispose you to sprains and strains due to the hypermobility of your joints, and the skin is more subject to tears and bruising from contact sports. This does not mean you cannot exercise or play non contact sports however! Exercises that strengthen your muscles will help reduce injuries, and non impact sports like swimming can help aerobically.

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I have just been diagnosed with ehlers-danlos syndrome (joint cartilage) so should I stop playing sports?

Not completely. Your condition also is associated with hypermobilty of tendons and ligaments. While I think you should avoid contact sports, impulsive sports (tennis, basketball), you can bike, swim, do resistance training and keep your health in the best it can be.

I have just been diagnosed with ehlers-danlos syndrome (joint cartilage) should I play sports?

No contact type. I am sure you have enough talents that you wii be able to fullfii your competitive spirt in aother manner. You may do well with some non--contact sports.

Does anyone know if multiple fractures and RA are related, also who does know about connection to ehlers danlos syndrome?

Yes. Ra can have osteoporosis associated, though it is worse when steroids are used for treatment. Ehlers danlos is an inherited disorder that is very rare in patients with ra. And is treated differenltly.