Whats collagen vascular disease?

Collagen Vascular. These are diseases that attack the connective tissues of blood vessels. They are typically autoimmune disorders characterized by overactivity of the immune system resulting in auto-antibodies that attack the collagen connective tissue of blood vessels & other tissues, resulting in inlammation & weakness of the connecitve tissues. Examples are lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, & sjogren's.
Autoimmune disorders. Collagen vascular disease occurs when problems with the immune system affect collagen. Collagen is a tough, fiber-like protein that makes up 30% of body protein. It contributes to the structure of tendons, bones, and connective tissues.
Collagen vascular. This is an older term for autoimmune disease that is not descriptive or helpful in my opinion. If a provider has told you that you have collagen vascular disease it is best to get to a rheumatologist for evaluation.

Related Questions

Can you die from collagen vascular disease?

Collagen disease. Simple answer: yes. If there is significant vascular, cardiac, pulmonary, or renal involvement, yes.
Possibly. They can be severe or so mild that no treatment is needed. It depends on the system involvement.

What sort of disease is a collagen vascular disease?

Sick Support. You can think of collagen as sort of the glue and supporting tissue that holds our bodies together. There is collagen holding our eye lens in place and collagen in our ligaments of our joints and other places. Collagen vascular disease is typically an autoimmune disease which affects all sorts of tissues. Rheumatologists are the specialists who typically see this illness.

What complications does collagen vascular disease cause?

Blood Pressure issue. Collagen vascular disorders makes one susceptible to high blood pressure and its consequences such as intra-uterine growth restriction, kidney & liver dysfunction, low platelet count, etc. Sometimes the disease is associated with a flare, and then side-effects due to medications used to control the underlying disease may be encountered.
Depends. Depends on location of affected organ like lungs, kidneys, intestines. Etc.

What is the definition or description of: Collagen vascular disease?

Misleading. Collagen vascular disease was a term originally used to describe an abnormality of the collagen protein associated with blood vessels. It is now used to describe a collagen protein disorder in many types of connective tissues, not just blood vessels.

How does collagen vascular disease affect the bladder?

Few do, but. Scleroderma (pss) can turn the autonomically controlled bladder muscle wall to contract from collagen based scarring with contracture, but few other would do so!

Is lupus the same thing as collagen vascular disease. If not what's the difference?

Yes. Lupus is a collagen vascular disease. Like a cold is an upper respiratory infection. Cvd is a general term that includes many diseases including lupus.

What do vertical lines on your nails say about your health??? (I have collagen vascular disease by the way.)

Don't worry.... Lines that go from side to side (horizontal) nail are Beau's lines (guess which doctor named them) and certainly can be a reflection of a variety of conditions including collagen vascular disorders (I suspect you were talking about Raynaud's). Vertical lines however are commonly seen normal healthy people.