Can alternative medicine help chronic pain?

Yes. Some alt med therapies are very helpful with chronic pain. Acupuncture. Fish oil can reduce pain from swelling. Apply capsaicin (from cayenne peppers) topically for possible help with arthritis, diabetic nerve pain. Yoga can help with fibromyalgia pain. Guided imagery works on some headaches. Marijuana helps many too.
The research is clea. The research is clear that an interdisciplinary approach often works best for chronic pain, once properly evaluated. As part of this approach acupuncture, diet/lifestyle choices, and mind/body approaches can be effective. In running an integrative medicine/rehab program for over 10 years I have personally seen the value of these options when individualized.
CAM can help pain. Complementary and alternative medicine (cam) is becoming better recognized for chronic pain relief. The national institutes of health has the nih-nccam for research dedicated to understanding a range of healthcare options. Some remedies are timeless -- touch, talking, relaxing, yoga -- and others are more recent arrivals including refined herbs and supplements. Your doctor can be a resource.