Been cured of chronic pain by faith healing, so how did this happen?

FAITH HELPS . Apparently in some cases. There are a lot of things that medical profession can not explain, but still happen.
Mind Power. Doctors have deliberately treated many diseases over the centuries with fake medicines and treatments called placebos. The are many patient (at times up to 30%) who heal themselves once they are persuaded to believe that the treatments are real and effective, even if the rest of us know they are not. This is the power and influence of the mind. Other disease are not affected by such beliefs.
Who knows. Several of my patients swear they were cured of something terrible by a faith healer. It's always "20 yr ago" & they can't describe what really happened. Some have raging cases of somatization disorder; others don't. 1 of my pts had a stroke & refused meds. She raised her hands and bawled out to Jesus for His divine protection right there in my office. She died of another stroke. So no guarantees.
Good question! That's a good question! was it your faith in god, or the healer's faith in the approach that persuaded you? Was it the placebo effect? (believe it, look for proof) the important thing is, it worked for you, and i'm glad you feel better. Truth to tell, there is more in heaven and earth than is dreamed of in our philosophies, doctors don't have all the answers, and there's just no telling!
Great! Pain is probably one of the few areas where faith healing would work. So much of what one experiences is subjective. You may have severe pain and another may have mild pain but neither of you has any medical findings. Pain is neurological and there fore brain-related. If faith helps you deal with or even rid yourself of pain, that's perfect Mind over matter .
Mind/Immune System. Western medicine now measures and therefore acknowledges the connection between our emotions and our immune system. White blood cell immune function is depressed in emotionally depressed patients. The most destructive emotions are chronic anger and fear. So faith that improves emotions does boost our immune system, and can therefore help many conditions including chronic pain.