I can not get implants or wear dentures because of bone loss, any ideas?

Periodontist. This is an area that is sometimes treated by a periodontist or an oral surgeon in conjunction with a restorative dentist, or prosthodontist. Ridge augmentation, implants, and crown and bridge dentistry requires a team approach.
Bone grafting. You need bone grafting to replace the missing bone that is necessary for implant placement and dnture stability. The bone can come from various parts of your jaw wher ethe bone may be more plentiful. If you need a lot of bone then we need to take the bone form oyur hip or remove part of the rib to rebuild you jaw.
See a prosthodontist. Prosthodontists are specialists in the replacement of teeth in difficult situations.
Bonegraft. You can try bonegrafting procedures (gbr with tenting screws, block grafting, to distraction osteogenesis, etc) to augment the severely deficient ridge. Once you have the bone, you can then have dental implants placed. Search out a dentist experienced in bonegrafting and dental implant surgery (usually a periodontist or oral surgeon) for a consultation.
Go to a prosthodonti. Most of the time with bone grafting you might be able to have the implants placed.
You might. There are now techniques for treatment of conditions where bone loss is severe. The cost is high, but may be all you can do. The "nobonezsolution" may be a possibility. It is often possible to use the cheek bone and the bone behind your upper jaw to create fixed teeth. Go to www. Dentalimplants-usa. Com. Also go to piteam@aol. Com. They are among the only experts in this tx in this country.
Can be done. Virtually anyone can have implants to stabilize dentures. With current dental implant techniques such as "all on 4" or similar procedures, even patients that were previously untreatable can be helped. Seek out a surgeon who gives you solutions, knowing that a solution does exist! If finances are an issue you might try a local dental school as an option.
Not Many Options. Even with minimal bone, a good upper denture with adhesive usually gives decent results. For the lower, you can try some mini-implants in the chin area (front of the mouth), where there's always some bone available. If you're very motivated & have the $, you can add new jaw bone from another part of your body, but that's a big commitment and requires an excellent oral surgeon. Tough situation.
Options. You should consult with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The surgeon will perform a clinical and radiographic examination. A cbct (cone beam ct scan) may be obtained help diagnose the problem. The advances in implant reconstruction have allowed placement of implants in areas that were previously considered unavailable. Bone grafts may also be an option if there is insufficient bone.