Anything you can do about the bone loss caused by periodontitis?

Yes. A thorough clinical dental examination with the appropriate x-rays is the first step. Depending on the severity of the periodontal problem, whether it is a generalized problem affecting multiple teeth or an isolated problem such as one tooth will determine what treatment can be offered. Treatment can range from maintaining the present bone level to more complicated procedures such as grafts.
Yes. The first step is to control the disease to prevent further damage, and the second is to repair the damage. As a board certified specialist who helps people in repairing and regrowing bone every day, i respectfully disagree with the comments that bone does not grow back. It certainly does, and all the time. Consult a board certified periodontist trained in the proper techniques. They can help!
Yes. Treatments include, antibiotic therapy in the gums, dental cleanings, laser surgery and gum surgery depending on the severity of the problem.
Bone loss from perio. Bone will not grow back. Loss of bone can be stopped though. It is important to have the periodontitis treated. If it is not treated, it will lead to more bone loss and eventual loss of teeth.