Can you take holy basil, ashawagandha, curcumin, passion flower in combination?

Yes. It is quite common in herbal medicine to give multiple herbs in combination and, being 3 of the most widely used herbs in the ayurvedic tradition, holy basil, ashwagandha and curcumin are commonly used together. Passionflower is quite safe to combine with these. While combining pharmaceuticals together often creates worrisome interactions, most herbs combine well and synergistically.

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Is it safe to take holy basil, ashawagandha, curcumin and passion flower together?

Yes. But as a professor of nutrition, I cannot understand the benefits of this selection! Nutritional support is one thing, but this is overdone!

I an taking Holy basil, Passion flower, Sage and ashwagandha. Will any of these show a positive reading on a drug test?

No. I hope you're not spending too much money on this stuff. I'm glad you're interested in "natural healing", but think about getting with an evidence-based holist. Best wishes.

Can I use the supplement rhelora or holy basil or rhodiola to lower cortisol levels to help manage high anxiety and panic attacks along with the meds I am already taking- paxil 40 mg and Effexor 112 mgs. Plus my seditives or ashwagandha?

I am not. Trying to discount the beneficial effects of many herbal remedies however, my opinion only, you are taking far too many of these preparations and seem to be on mostly PSYCHO-ACTIVE drugs. ..a frank discussion with your Primary Care Physician re: your present condition and perhaps a consultation with a PSYCHO-PHARMACOLOGIST is indicated! Hope this is helpful Dr Z.
You are a mark. HOLY BASIL, BATMAN!!! You are an easy mark for scams taking advantage of you to steal your money. Sometimes it is tempting to try magic rather than face an unpleasant or difficult truth. Your best welfare will derive from discarding every one of these useless pos and spending your money on something fun or useful.