If you have fibromyalgia where do you feel sharp pain?

Sup. Scap. Spine. ? where is fibromyalgia (FM) pain severe. FM trigger points are aligned with sites of soft tissue insertion on major joint contours, where gravity & musculoskeletal support are biomechanically focused. One site is superior scapula spine, whereat superior trapezium & levator scapulae insert. It is not coincidental that this anatomical locus, behind shoulder, is prominently depicted in FM med ads. .
Fibromyalgia. Chronic muscle pain or spasms or tightness, severe fatigue, insomnia or restless sleep, stiffness, difficulty with memory or concentration, irritable bowel symptoms, headaches, tender face or jaws, sensitivity to noise or odors or bright light or cold , anxiety/depression, numbness in face or arms or legs, frequent urination, intolerance to exercise, hands & feet feel swollen.