Should I breastfeed if I have the rotavirus?

Yes. Although rotavirus is contagious, you should not if possible stop nursing your baby. Important things to remember is to maintain yourself very well hydrated as you do not only loose water with diarrhea, and vomiting but electrolytes as well. Wash your hands with soap and water every time you go to the bathroom and before you touch either your breast or the baby. If taking any meds consult the dr.
Yes. A woman should continue breastfeeding, while she has a minor illness. Most illnesses are transmitted by touching, or through the air by sneezing/coughing. During the illness, a breastfeeding mom can decrease the chance of passing the illness onto the baby if the mom wears a mask over her mouth & nose, washes her hands and forearms before touching the baby, and washes her breasts before feeding.
Yes. In addition to the importance of not getting dehydrated, you probably don't have rotavirus since it is extremely rare after 5 years of age. It probably is one of a hundred other viruses that can cause gastrointestinal illness. In those cases, unless you are extremely ill i would continue breastfeeding.
Yes. Breast feeding is safe since rotavirus is not transmitted through breast milk. However, it will be prudent that breast feeding mom pays extra attention on her hand hygiene while she is infected with the virus. And taking enough fluid not to get dehydrated is also a must.
Yes. Yes, you should. Drink extra fluids, and be sure to wash your hands well. Babies routinely receive vaccinations against rotavirus, so your child should be at least partially protected after his or her first set of vaccines at 2 mos.