What happens during a virtual colonoscopy?

Virtual. You are in a cat scanner, with air and sometimes contrast pumped into you. Unpleasant and not as accurate as a regular colonoscopy. Also, if something is found, youmwill need a colonoscopy anyway.
CT. Virtual colonoscopy involves a bowel prep just like a regular colonoscopy. However, rather than a scope inserted via the anus to look at the inside with a camera, air is infused into the colon and a ct scan obtained. The radiologic images give a 3d picture of the inside of the colon to determine if any polyps or other ptoblems exist. If they do, you will still need a colonoscopy to check them out.

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Must I have contrast injection during virtual colonoscopy? What about drinking barium? Can virtual colon be done without one or both of these?

Yes. The virtual colonoscopy can be done without using any contrast material and just using carbon dioxide or room air into the bowel. The procedure is relatively new and constantly changing. Read more...