Progestogen-only contraceptive is making me bleed so much. What can I do while breastfeeding?

Limited options. Breastfeeding is important for baby and mom, so continuing it is the first concern. Contraception is needed if one wants to continue breastfeeding and space children; ovulation can occur during lactation. If problems with pop there are other options. One is to avoid intercourse. The other is to speak with obgyn about evaluation and other contraceptives. The papa may offer to babysit so you can go!
See your OB. Often the abnormal bleeding will eventually normalize, but if it's problematic then the contraceptive can be stopped, keeping in mind that even though breastfeeding itself can inhibit ovulation you still may want to use a barrier method (condoms) if pregnancy is to be avoided.
Consider an IUD. Is a more fool proof (remember nothing but abstinence is 100% foolproof!) method. The progestin containing iud may result in temporary spotting but will ultimately lead to very light menses and possibly amenorrhea while using the iud. The copper t, will result in heavier periods, but for breastfeeding women these are great options, especially if the bf has stopped your periods.
Alternatives to POP. Another excellent choice associated with minimal to no bleeding is the Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud.This should be discussed with your women's health provider and review any possible contraindications and risks and benefits. Also, condoms are a very reasonable choice for breastfeeding moms and should have no effect on your cycle.
Birth control pills. If breastfeeding is well established you should be able to change to a regular combination birth control pill w/little difficulty. Normal pills ( w/estrogen & progesterone) may cause a slight temporary decrease in breast milk volume but frequent feedings and increased fluids should quickly overcome it. Unlike progestin only pills they will control your bleeding. A Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud may be another option.

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Is it safe to take a progestin only contraceptive while breastfeeding?

Birth control. Yes, it is safe. A Progesterone only oral birth control pill is the only type of oral hormonal birth control that is recommended while breast feeding. Oral birth control pills containing estrogen will cause a decrease in breast milk production. Read more...
Yes. Progestin only pills are safe while breastfeeding because it does not decrease your supply. You need to take these at the same time every day to be most effective. Read more...