If you have ovarian cysts or polycystic ovaries does it mean you need regular vists to the doctor?

Yes. Every woman of reproductive age should have an annual gyn exam. If you have pco and you don't wish to be pregnant you're on bcp and should have an annual visit. If you want to conceive you're probably on Clomid (clomiphene) and should be monitored for ovulation.
NOT REALLY. Most pcos can be managed by taking the birth control pills. Once the symptoms and hormonal levels under control, once a year visit to the doctor may be adequate.
Yes. Only your doctor can determine how often you should be seen for follow up. But these conditions do require appropriate monitoring. Ask your doctor for his/her recommendations.
Depends. Ovarian cysts and pcos are not the same thing- a cyst is a fluid filled mass growing from the ovary. If large enough, may need observation or even surgical intervention. Pcos is an endocrine disorder with a wide range of presenting signs and symptoms and management strategies. Get clarity from your doc and proceed accordingly. Btw, i've had great responses to chinese med from some of my pcos pts.