What are some natural remedies that will help with polycystic hormone imbalance?

Progesterone. Pco's is a hormonal imbalance. I agree with losing weight, eating low glycemic but also using natural Progesterone to help have a period is important. You can also use vitex that can help balance your hormones, fish oil since most women have high cholesterol, chromium to help keep Insulin down.
Natural health & PCO. There is no pharmaceutical or natural 'cure' for pcos, but maintaining a healthy weight (or losing weight) can improve the endocrine profile and some quality-of-life issues. There's some evidence, but not exactly 'proof, ' that diets with low glycemic-index may also be helpful: this is a topic of ongoing research and is worth watching.

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Can you please describe the natural remedies that will help with polycystic ovaries/hormone imbalance?

None. Stay away from supplements and remedies you learn about from friends, tv or the internet. They're all garbage and who knows what's in them or what it will do to you. One thing it won't do, is help you. Check w/your doctor instead. Consider metformin rx.