Should I go to a chiropractor for a bad lumbar sprain?

It depends. The diagnosis lumbar sprain is not specific and says nothing about what is actually causing the pain. I would suggest you first seek a physician who can give you a specific diagnosis before seeking treatment. Once the precise cause of the pain is known, a well thought out treatment plan can be implemented. This may involve chiropractic care as part of the treatment.

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Do you think I should go to a chiropractor for a lumbar sprain?

If your sure about. The diagnosis. Otherwise get investigated by seeing your pcp, then decide who you want to see. Good luck. Read more...

Can chiropractors take care of a lumbar sprain?

Absolutely. Chiropractors are well equipped to care for musculoskeletal injuries of the lower back. If neurological symptoms develop such as pain or numbness radiating into the buttocks /legs or bladder / bowel dysfunction then evaluation by a physician with additional diagnostic studies is recommended. The same would be true if pain persists after standard chiropractic treatment. Read more...