Are there nonsurgical treatments for lumbar spondylosis?

Yes. It is another name for age related changes to the spine and does not require any specific treatment other than we should all exercise routinely.

Related Questions

Tell me whether cervical / lumbar spondylosis has got any permanent treatment?

No quick answer. Spondylosis is also known as stenosis. It occurs as we get older. It occurs with trauma and repetitive spinal micro trauma. We can't prevent it. When it cause neurologic problems surgery might be needed to decompress neural structures such as nerve roots and the spinal cord.

What are symptoms of lumbar spondylosis?

Leg pain. Spondylolsis is the degeneration of the disks in the spine. Lumbar spondylolsis is quite common and is associated with leg pain and back pain. Leg pain often trumps the back pain and is often made worse with walking and physical activity. The leg pain will resolve with resting. When instability of the spine occurs the back pain is often worse. Spondylolsis so common but is often asymptotic.

What is some info on thoraco lumbar spondylosis?

You are older than. It just means you are older than 10 as that is the age we can start to see age related changes start to occur in the spine which progress with time.

What are the exercise for treating lumbar spondylosis?

Core. Usually what is described as core strengthening exercises. By strengthening your core, your symptoms can improve and also you will potentially be able to do more as well.

Lumbar spondylosis.! st, feel pain along spine below waist, then pain moves?

Hard to say. Lumbar spondylosis is another way to say you have developed some degenerative changes in your spine. This can certainly potentially cause back and leg pain, but is somewhat of a non specific diagnosis. If pain persists, a detailed exam and appropriate studies can usually pinpoint the cause. Thank you for the question.

What are the solutions to hemi-distonia and cervical and lumbar spondylosis?

They are unrelated. Cervical and lumbar spondylosis is the description for the natural aging process of the spine in the neck and back respectively revealing degenerative changes on imaging studies and has no bearing on hemidystonia which arises from other usually non spinal etiologies. Having these age related changes in the spine usually results in no symptoms.

Can you suggest solutions to hemi-distonia and cervical and lumbar spondylosis?

Botox. Botox is fda approved for dystonia. Some general neurologists are comfortable with this, most neurologist further trained in movement disorders do this.