What is lumbar spinal stenosis?

Narrow spinal canal. There is a canal surrounded by a membrane that goes through the middle of the vertebrae. The spinal cord sits inside the canal surrounded by fluid. If a disc is bulging or ruptured/herniated toward the rear, this may cause pressure on the canal and it is narrowed. This may put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves within the canal causing local pain or neurologic symptoms from nerve compression.
Common problem. For patients that have failed appropriate conservative care, surgery can be very beneficial. A thorough work up is required. The most common surgical treatment is a laminectomy. The success rate is good. Check out spinehealth. Com.
A narrow spine canal. When the canal of the spine is too narrow leading to a compression of the spinal cord, thecal sac or nerve roots or all the above in the lower back or lumbar region that happens because you are either born with a developmentally small canal or it happens over time due to degenerative changes or further acquired by deformities/instabilities or through some fracture patterns or disc herniations.