How can a herniated disks be causing this much back pain?

Intense pain. Having had a few of those myself I can say that the pain can be intense to say the least. The tissue around the disc tears and that alone can cause pain. When a disc hits a nerve in the back the pain is also intense. Disc material does not belong in the canal and its very presence there will cause inflammation so all of the about make the pain intense. Hang in there as it usually gets better.

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Can back pain cause lightheadedness? Possible herniated disk.

Back Pain. Usually not, but different people have different reactions to pain. Most of the time, the typical back pain is characterized by pain in the lower back with radiation to the legs.

What is a non-surgical method of relieving low back pain caused by a herniated disk?

4 options. The non-surgical options for a herniated disc are: pain meds, stretching (see harvardneurosurgeon. Com/pt2.Html), physical therapy, and epidural steroid injections.
And. .. Getting to the reason the disc herniated in the first place - either the result of trauma, disease or long term misalignment. See an osteopathic physician (do) who uses omt (manipulation). Find them online via aao or cranial academy websites. Other avenues to explore include gentle (supervised) yoga, tai chi, feldenkrais, qi gong, pilates (one-on-one if possible) and reducing stress.
Websites. Aao = american academy of osteopathy: academyofosteopathy. Org also try biodo. Com and cranialacademy. Com.