How much radiation exposure comes with a CT of neck?

Depends on scanner. This will vary with the scanner, somewhat. I found an assessment/estimate of this with a google search and I really can't do better than this. You would need to get several pieces of information off the scanner and would need to account for the technique- single or multiple passes, etc. See: http://answers. Google. Com/answers/threadview/id/742075.Html.

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I've had a neck ct scan and four x-rays and a hida scan? I'm worried about the radiation exposure... Should I? All in the past year, I'm a 34yr F.

CT scan; not the Xra. CT scans involve ~400 times more radiation exposure as Xrays, & so if u worry abt unnecessary radiation risk, limit CT scans. HIDA & Xrays involve so little radiation that u prob got as much from walking outside in 1 yr as u got from those tests. At 34, most of ur organs have developed, so there's no immediate threat; however, there's a lifetime radiation limit. Too much testng will catch up 2u@80.

I had 2 CT scans last week! (my doctor is unaware of all my radiation exposure) but is this bad if I go once more for my throat?

Radiation. Diagnostic radiation is a risk/benefit consideration. In most cases, the benefit of the scan outweighs the slight increased risk. You can get an estimate of your risk with an interactive tool at xrayrisk. Com.