Is there a cure for rectal cancer?

Yes. Depends on the extent or stage of the rectal cancer. Many options available, but it is definitely curable.
Yes. Treatment for rectal cancer depends on the stage of the disease. It involves surgery and sometimes chemotherapy and/or radiation. Rectal cancer can be cured if it is localized or has only spread to regional lymph nodes. In general it is not felt to be curable if it has spread to distant organs.
Absolutely! It primarily depends on the stage, or whether the cancer is only in the rectum or has spread to lymph nodes or other organs. Every patient diagnosed with rectal cancer should have CT scan of the chest abdomen and pelvis and an ultrasound or MRI of rectum. If cancer is not spread everywhere MANY patients are cured with appropriate combinations of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.
Early? Yes. Early cancer is usually curable. Later stages often not .