What are treatments for cervical spine uncinate spurring?

Depends on Symptoms. This describes a finding on an x-ray that is associated with degenerative changes. Treatment should be based on symptoms. Neck pain with underlying degenerative findings is typically treated initially with over the counter medications, stretching, heat. If not responsive then formal physical therapy is often the first prescribed treatment.
Depends on symptoms . If you are having foraminal stenosis as a result of this, cervical traction, physical therapy and cervical nerve root blocks may help. If they help only temporarily or incompletely, surgical options exist to treat this.

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What can I do to treat cervical spine uncinate spurring?

Depends on your. Level of symptoms. Generally, simple stretching and range of motion exercises especially in a hot shower can help. Isometric exercises as well as postural adjustments can be beneficial otc meds can help if no contraindications to their use. Smoking cessation is important. Read more...
Cervical spurs. Bone spurs are hard overgrown joints. They can press on nerves and typically cause arm pain. Epidural injections may help. This may be a surgical problem if all else fails. Consult a spine surgeon for that. If there are no symptoms and it is just a finding on an MRI report there is nothing to do. Read more...