What causes head and neck pain for arthritis in the cervical spine?

Facet Disease. Arthritis of the cervical spine is also known as cervical facet disease. Facet joints are small joints in the back part of the spine that can be responsible for neck pain and headaches.

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Head and neck pain, no recent injury - causes?

Musculoskeletal. 30's person w. Head ; neck pain absent injury perplexed about cause. In this age group common to wake w. Unilateral neck pain especially, to my observation, in fall ; spring when weather changes. My consideration is that sleeping posture ; cool room air induce muscle spasm. If heat ; rest do not resolve in a week or so see a doctor. Massage is oft helpful. This can be a true "pain in the neck".
Muscles and Nerves. Typically either side of neck and head are provided sensation by nerves that supply them exiting out of the neck and head. Muscles also lying in that area may be the issue as well. If there is a history of neck pain that should be evaluated since there could be arthritis, nerve impingement or herniated disks involved. History of head trauma could also result in this pain as well.

I have head and neck pain, almost every 2 months. It happens when I work out (while lifting) and before reaching orgasm. The cause and how to treat it?

Ligament weakness. Two activities in which the muscles of the neck tighten and pull on the vertebrae that are suffering from instability secondary to damaged ligaments in the neck area. Prolotherapy can resolve this issue for you. Visit www. Getprolo. Com or www. Aaomed. Org for information and to find a doctor.