Related Questions

Can mild to moderate cervical spinal stenosis cause my muscles to ache anywhere in my back from time to time?

No. Muscle aches in any part of the back are not related to moderate cervical stenosis. Start with your PCP to find out why you have muscle aches from time to time. May need to have labs, imaging and possible specialist referral based on these things.
Yes. Yes, by potentially causing spasms in the paraspinal muscles; can cause headaches as well. Consider being seen as there are many good treatment options.

Could a cervical spinal stenosis be caused by a fall?

No. Degenerative cervical spinal stenosis takes years to develop, usually not from an event such as a fall. That being said, a person with pre-existing spinal stenosis of cervical spine can sustain central cord syndrome/contusion from the fall, become very symptomatic.

Could it happen such that a cervical spinal stenosis be caused by a fall?

Cervical stenosis.. ..Hmm, only if it caused a severe sudden disc herniation or perhaps a fracture, otherwise stenosis is a process of gradual degeneration and not an acute disease. What can happen is that stenosis symptoms suddenly worsen due to alittle instability that occurred during the fall, and tight nerves were suddenly squeezed some more, and that gave you the symptoms... Good luck!

Can trauma cause cervical spinal stenosis?

A burst fracture. Trauma can provide canal narrowing from malalignment or fracture fragment stenosing the canal I don't like mixing he generative conditions with trauma they look completly different in imaging degeneration rarely occurs in only one level while trauma usually occurs at one level if this a late legal question weak arguments can be made on both sides experts will disagreeiif a remote accident i.

Can cervical spinal stenosis with myelopothy cause ejaculation problems? And if so what can help?

Highly unlikely. Perhaps if there is pain associated with your condition and if this pain were severe enough to be a distractor during sexual intercourse then, I could see ejaculatory but not typically as as result of the cervical cord compression itself.

Can cervical spinal stenosis with myelopathy that is bad enough to require surgery because of so much narrowing of spinal canal cause a delay in urination and problems ejaculating? I dont have ED but usually can't "finish" sometimes I can with aggressive

Yes. These are classic symptoms of cervical cord compromise. They are some of the earliest symptoms.
Yes it can and does. Cervical spinal stenosis can affect all function of the spinal cord from the neck down. Imagine that you have a mild form of paralysis. That is what cervical spinal stenosis can do. It affects the spinal cord and therefore your balance, ability to control bowels and bladder, coordination, sensation in other words everything. If your surgeon told you this is your problem get it fixed Soon!