My low bottom part of my middle finger hurts? Could it be dupuytrens? Is that supposed to cause some hurting?

No. Dupuytren's contracture is rarely associated with pain or acute injury. The disease is related to a proliferation of collagen tissue in the palm. Your symptoms sound more like an early trigger finger or a joint sprain. Ice and anti-inflammatory medications are a good way to begin treatment. If the symptoms persist see an orthopaedic hand surgeon.
No. This would not be at all typical for dupuytrens. Dupuytrens does not produce isolated finger discomfort and certainly not in the absence of cords and nodules. Something else is going on.
Unlikely. Dupuytrens disease is an inherited condition in which the palmar fascia, the tissue layer just beneath the skin, develops cords and nodules in response to abnormal cell growth and contraction. It is rarely painful.
Yes and no. Many things can cause pain in the hand and fingers. Dupuytrens contracture is an inherited condition that causes shortening of the connections between the palm and usually the ring finger. We call it a contracture as the condition contracts the finger and it can't be fully extended. It usually does not cause much pain.