Can anyone who has done surgery to treat dupuytrens contracture disease please tell me if it truly helped or not?

Yes, may recur. Due to the genetic nature of this disease, there is a chance of recurrence no matter how it's treated. Surgery was the only way to get the fingers straight, but the incisions are painful and take time to heal. There is now an injection that can be used to dissolve the tissue contracting the fingers. Since I started injecting, I rarely do surgery. Talk with an orthopaedic hand surgeon about options.
Surgical. Proceedures can be very effective. Discuss this with the hand surgeon.
Yes. I have performed tons of surgeries on dupuytren s and it has helped tremendously but the long time it takes to recover and the therapy involved is usually not too appealing to patients who like to get back to normal living fast.
Treatable only. There is no cure for dupuytren's. However it is treatable and I recommend seeing a hand surgeon who is an expert in the treatment. There are 3 options for treatment: 1) fasciectomy 2) needle aponeurotomy 3) xiaflex http://centraljerseyhand. Com.
Dupuytren surgery. Dupuytens is a progressive disorder that at this point does not have a cure but has very successful treatments. Traditionally treatment observed until contracture was severe and surgery was offered. Some new alternatives include needle aponeurotomy, limited fasciaotomy and xiaflex (collagenase clostridium histolyticum) or collagenase http://www. Handctr. Com/dupuytrens-disease-faq. Html.