Has anyone ever heard of anything natural, or alternative medicine that helps reverse dupuytren's contracture?

Dupuytrens Society. http://www.dupuytren-online.info/research_projects_dupuytren.html.
N-acetyl-Cysteine/NA. Thanks to the other post regarding n-acetyl-cysteine/nac. I found online information here. http://www.dupuytren-online.info/research_projects_dupuytren.html in laboratory experiments nac can slow down growth of dupuytren cells it looks like there is a role for research. Whether that is the natural that you meant not sure. But: cut down alcohol use is probably the simplest "natural" advice.
If mild, help. Stretching your fingers, heavily padded gloves for grasping tasks, massage and heat, and rubbing lanolin cream into your hands. Supplements: n-acetyl-cysteine/nac has been shown to slow the growth of dupuytren cells. Anecdotally, i've heard that zinc supplements have reversed it, and that the paleo diet can help in this regard too. (i don't have any direct experience of that).