How do you know if your kids are going to be tall, if I'm taller than my husband?

Stature&kids height. Most of the times people attain a height that is average of the heights of the parents. Your child may take after you or the dad or grow to be an average of your and your spoouse's height. Hard ot predict for anay one, just be paient and enjoyu your child isntead of thinking of hteir height a this time.
Projections. Add your height to your husbands and divide by 2. If you add 2.5 inches to that number you have the projected height of any boys you two produce.Subtract 2.5 inches from that number to estimate how tall the girls would be.That gives a starting figure and it is usually accurate within an inch or so.
Target height. Midparental target height is calculated for males by adding 5 inches to mothers height and averaging with the fathers height. In females one subtracts 5 inches from dad's height and averaging mom's height.