Can you get carpel tunnel syndrome from playing musical instruments? Which instruments to avoid?

Yes. Yes playing instruments can certainly aggravate or cause carpal tunnel syndrome. I see this in guitarists, drummers, pianists and any other instrument that requires awkward positioning of the wrist in a flexed position or extended position. These positions cause pressure elevated within the tunnel worsening symptoms and causing more pressure on the nerve. For more info check out musician hand. Com.
No. Studies have shown that this is not a repetitive stress injury but is a fairly common diagnosis to begin with.

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Can playing musical instruments cause carpal tunnel?

Very Possibly. Carpel tunnel syndrome is a compression of the median nerve via the flexor retinaculum. Any continued use of the wrist may cause compression of the median nerve. Piano, violin, and drumming are all examples how a musician could potentially experience carpel tunnel. It is characterized by numbness in the first two fingers and thumb along with wasting of the muscles on the palm side by the thumb.
Depends. The development of carpal tunnel symptoms include many factors. Genetics is one of them. However, certain activities that require the hand and wrist to be in the flexed position while the tendons are moving within the carpal tunnel can cause irritation of the median nerve (the nerve involved in carpal tunnel syndrome) both directly and indirectly through local swelling.

How to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome while playing guitar or piano?

Challenging. This can be challenging because the splints we usually use are not conducive to playing your instruments. The basics are stretches and limiting practice times. Here is a website that might help: www. Musicianshealth. Com.