What are the best chemotherapy center for high grade non hodgkin lymphoma?

Depends on location. High grade nhl is curable and should be evaluated & treated at a center with experience. However, the treatment may be 4-6 months long and patient will also need family/caregiver support. If the diagnosis is confirmed, subtype properly identified and adequately staged treatment may be safely and skillfully delivered at local or regional cancer center. Access to clinical trials is very helpful.
MD Anderson. Md anderson, houston texas, is the best. Toll-free from mexico and canada: 800-811-6167 e-mail: international@mdanderson.Org.

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What are the best chemotherapy drugs for non hodgkin lymphoma?

This depends. Non-hodgkin lymphoma comprises many different types of lymphoma. "best" treatment depends upon the subtype of lymphoma. Regimens for b-cell lymphoma include rituximab, and for t-cell do not. Chop, fcr, bendamustine are some of the regimens available. Read more...