Does surgery for nose cancer leave you with a hole in your face?

Reconstruction. No, usually nasal cancer defects can be reconstructed extremely well. See a facial plastic surgeon for the reconstruction of complex defects that also involve the nasal passage.
Depends on size. It depends what type of skin cancer and the extent of it. Some tend to be quite superficial and just need minimal reconstruction. Neglected skin cancers tend to be more involved and larger. We fortunately have many reconstructive techniques that can help repair almost any defect we are presented with in collaboration with plastics/ent specialists. Http://www. Mohspros. Com/library/3909/skincancers.

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Was diagnosed with NPC Stage 2 (nose cancer) in Jun. Completed radio + chemo in end Sep. Face is swollen after spicy food intake. How to reduce swell?

It will take longer. Some degree of swelling (lymphedema) is common after radiotherapy as it blocks the skin lymphatics. With longer follow up, over the next one or two years it will likely reduce and ultimately go away. Make adjustments in your food/spice as the mucosa becomes ultrasensitive /oversensitive after radiotherapy. You have to be patient and reduce the salt in your food, that too will help.