What is the survival rate of renal cell carcinoma patients who have had treatment with nephrectomy?

Depends on stage. Renal cell carcinoma, like every other cancer, has a staging system. Within any one stage, survival is usually quoted as 5-yr survival, that is, the % of patients one can expect to still be alive in 5 years. So a nephrectomy might be performed on a patient in stage i, and have excellent survival, or in stage IV and have poor survival.
Stage dependent. The prognosis for renal cell carcinoma depends on stage, histological grade, type of treatment received, and the patient's overall performance status. Based on a report from american cancer society 5 yr survival rates- stage i- confined to kidney 81% ; ii extend through the renal capsule, confined to gerota's fascia 74% 5 yr survival; iii include the renal vein, or the hilar lymph nodes 53%;iv 8%.

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What r the chances of getting back renal cell carcinoma for an old male (63 yrs) after being cured by nephrectomy & taking nexavar (sorafenib)?

It depends. This is not an easy answer, because it depends upon the stage of your original tumor and your surgical pathology. I would ask this question of your urologist or oncologist, who know the specifics of your case.
Kidney cancer is. Old and wise, known for ability to recur/relapse late. Sorafenib and other tyrosine kinase vasculature inhibiting drugs are new and don't know everything. Kidney cancers can relapse on meds, even late.

I had nephrectomy in feb. After that I was diagnosed as metastatic renal cell carcinoma (lung cancer). But I don't have any symptoms as doc said. Why?

Congratulations. Renal cell carcinoma is notoriously capricious and unpredictable. It's common for a lung metastasis to vanish or stay stable for many years, especially after removal fo the primary tumor. I'm going to assume the diagnosis is accurate. Cherish being alive and be thankful for whatever time you have left -- fill it with love and good things.