Has anyone had any experience in a cancer treatment called torisel (temsirolimus) for renal cell carcinoma, and how were the results?

Yes. It is a drug that targets a defect in kidney cancer cells. It is give iv. The goal of this drug is to slow down the growth of cancer cells and to shink the tumor and extend life and function. I have used it in some patients with good results and reasonable side effects. It is not a cure.

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What makes Trovax different from other kidney cancer meds (like nexavar, proleukin, torisel, (temsirolimus) sutent)?

Here are some... All cancer drugs are designed by disrupting the biological pathways of the cancer cells. However, there has been no drug only affecting a spot of the body. As time goes by, more and more pathways of metabolism will be discovered and more drugs will be designed hoping to curbing tumor growth with less side effects. So, ask your oncologists timely; a 400-letter online space is not enough to detail..
Other drugs worked. Nexavar, torisel, and sutent all received FDA approval because they improved progression free survival. The initial Trovax trial was terminated early because there was little or no prospect of demonstrating a statistically significant survival benefit compared to placebo. Http://clincancerres. Aacrjournals. Org/content/16/22/5539.long.