Can young person get colorectal cancer?

Yes, but uncommon. About 150000 new cases of colon/rectal ca in us/yr. 90% are age 50 and up. + family history, especially of early ca increases risk. Longstanding ibd increases risk. Certain (rare to uncommon) genetic syndromes increase risk. Check your family's history, see your doc.
Colon cancer. Colon cancer is rare before age 40 and usually associated with some family history if you do see it. Most colon cancer occurs after age 50. Thus screening for people without a family history starts at 50 and screening starts at 40 in those with a family histiory.
Yes. Colon cancer can strike at young ages, especially if there are hereditary colon diseases in the family such as familial adenomatous polyposis or lynch syndromes. In the absence of these syndromes, risk generally increases with age. However, even with no colorectal cancer in the family it can strike at young ages although this is more rare (my youngest patient was 23 at diagnosis).
Yes, but rare. . The short answer is "yes", a young person can get colorectal cancer. However, this and the associated familial syndromes that cause colorectal cancer in young individuals are rare. Having first- or second-degree relatives with a cancer diagnosis at a young age should prompt you to get early screening.