What symptoms of breast cancer are the most commonly seen when women show up with a cancer?

Varies. Many times these days, there may be no symptoms, as the tumor is small and seen on screening mammogram. Some women feel a new lump. Sometimes there are changes to the skin of the breast, or retraction of the nipple. Sometimes bloody drainage comes from the nipple.

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Its a great honour to meet u....... Sir, can u please tell me the symptoms of breast cancer? In female. Age 18 years?

At 18 lost thing to. Worry, is the breast cancer, very very rare, for a cancer age is no exception, if at all develop will appear as painless lump in the breast. At 18 if you are afraid of breast cancer must speak to your doctor, in some anxious people, with phobias may need professional help & counseling.
Yes. It is very rare to have breast cancer before the age of 30. The most common symptom is a painless breast lump that one can feel. Lumps can also be seen by mammogram.
Breast lump, etc.. The most common sign/symptom is the presence of a lump in the breast. Other symptoms include nipple discharge, nipple inversion, skin indentation, and breast pain. Nevertheless, the majority of people diagnosed with breast cancer have no symptoms whatsoever. The best way to diagnose breast cancer early is to have routine screening mammograms beginning at age 40.

At what usual age does a woman start noticing the early signs/symptoms of breast cancer?

Older. The older a woman becomes the risks of breast cancer can increase there are no early symptoms of breast cancer. Early breast cancers are only seen on mammogram and are too small to feel and cause no symptoms. Start yearly mammograms at age 40 and have yearly physical exams.

Does male breast cancer have different symptoms from female breast cancer?

No. They have in common the same symptoms -none --that is what makes this cancer difficult to initially detect, but share the same signs - mass, inverted nipple, breast skin dimpling or redness, bloody or clear nipple discharge, nipple ulceration. Men have the same prognosis as women stage for stage but often present later and I do not know why (i am a man) procrastination -too busy-immortal syndrome.
No. Not really, except that women check their breasts a lot more frequently than any man does. So, often the stage of male breast cancer is more advanced when diagnosed.
Not really. Most breast cancers are without symptoms. That is why many are missed. Males having such little breast tissue may notice a lump earlier but not always so many go undetected because few realize that men are also susceptible to breast cancer.

I ve small pain in my left breast, left armpit & back (left side). Can dis b a symptom of breast cancer (no cancer history in my family) I am 21 female?

Highly Unlikely. Sorting out different causes of breast pain starts with determining if the pain is coming from the breast tissue or the chest wall. Favoring the former includes variation w/menstrual cycle; favoring the latter is relation to activity and post-menopausal state. I recommend that you see your gyne or primary care dr. To help sort thru this. Good luck.
Very unlikely. It would be extremely unusual, but not impossible, for this to be a breast cancer. Any persistent symptom in the breast, and certainly any mass, should be examined by a doctor. You may need to have an ultrasound of the area done. It is always better to look into these things than ignore them.
Probably not. Pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer. Additional it would be rare of a 20 year to develop breast cancer. However you should see your primary care physician to report these symptoms.

Worried that my back shoulder neck aches is masking as breast cancer. Read story on woman who had those symptoms and had stage 4 mets breast cancer.

Not so difficult to. It is not difficult to tell the cause of your pain. If you have good insurance, then your doctor can order tests besides doing a good examination of your breast by physical exam and mammography. Bone scan is a good test to make sure that your bones are free of cancer. Please discuss these options with your doctor and get over this anxiety!