Can you tell me the life expectancy of someone with metastatic cancer?

No. It varies widely depending on the type of cancer. This is something to ask your oncologist, and ask him or her to be very honest with you. Although we never know exact time frames, we can usually give you some idea (weeks vs a few months vs six months vs a year or more.).
Very variable. This depends on cancer type, stage, use of treatments and patient performance level mostly. It can range from weeks (brain cancer) to months (pancreatic, lung) to years (breast, colon) and also cures rarely (testicular cancer). There is a lot of variation in survival for patients with the same cancer and stage.

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Can you tell me about life expectancy once metastatic cancer is detected in liver with cirrhosis and melena happened yesterd?

It depends on type. Some metastatic cancers, like breast cancer, can be treated over 5+ years. Others, like lung, are more rapid. From what you describe, this is metastatic cancer involving the liver and causing GI bleeding. If this is colon cancer, and if the person has not received any treatment with chemotherapy yet, it could be 1- 2 years. There are many variables, so this is a question for your doctor. Read more...

What is someone's life expectancy once metastatic cancer is detected in liver with cirrhosis?

Fair. If a known primary has been detected along with liver mets and has been removed the results of treating the liver lesion are fair. If the met is solitary it can be resected. If multiple then microwave ablation has been employed. Following this systemic chemotherapy followed by chemoembolization has been employed. This all depends on degree of cirrhosis. Read more...