Do you have any uplifting stories about metastatic cancer being somehow cured?

Be present now. It may sound cliched but living in the moment is a hugely helpful technique for thriving with and without cancer! I have learned some of my most important life lessons from my dear friend and nurse practitioner, dale, who took great care of herself with weekly massage, acupuncture, laughter and love during her year of breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation- she's i doing great 3 years later!
Cancer is beatable. I am not aware of any cancer that is 100% fatal. We have made great strides in curing this disease. At recent as 20-30 years ago childhood leukemia carried high mortality rates, and now we're approaching 90% cure rates. Surround yourself with people who love and support you, and those who are going through something similar, support groups. Laugh. Always think positive and never give up.