Could positive epstein barr virus antibodies, with low lymphocyctes be lymphoma?

Not typically. Ebv antibodies indicate prior exposure, and most adults have positive antibodies. Acute ebv infection is mono, with high lymphocytes. Low lymphocyte counts can be due to viral infections or corticosteroid treatment, most commonly. Lymphoma would be unusual.

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One and a half year epstein barr virus, did many lab test for antibodies. Only IgG present but no igm. Test with VCA gp125, p19 ebna-1 p22 all postive?

Only indicates you.. Indicates you've had mono. The mono virus is permanently inserted into your b-lymphocytes and hepatocytes (liver tissue) forever! legacy of the "kissing disease! however, you did not specify your titer of "early antigen, " which can indicate chronic mono. See if this test was done! but form the data you present, nothing is abnormal and indicates you have had mono in the past! Read more...