Who can be treated for hepatitis c?

Everybody. everybody should be treated for hepatitis C. There are however certain exceptions in which patients may not be able to be treated due to interactions with other medications, or other unstable medical conditions which would preclude treatment.
Most patients. Most patients with hepatitis c can receive treatment. If they have decompensated cirrhosis, they are more likely to be a liver transplant candidate. Current standard of care for treamtment requires 2 types of pills, plus shots once per week. Also some patients may have very little liver disease from hep c and want to wait for new treatments.
Lots of folks. The treatment of hepatitis c is undergoing a revolution right now. The development of new drugs that can increase hcv cure rates and are easier to take is as fast as any we have seen in medical history. It is important to find a doctor who is knowledgeable about hepatitis c treatment so they can discuss all the options - this can be internal med, gastroenterology, hepatology, or id usually.