Can 40 years of make-up on the face lead to skin cancer?

Skin Cancer subtypes. Skin cancer falls into two categories - melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. Depending on the type - some just appear to grow and change and not look like nay other skin lesion that you have on your body. Sometimes they also bleed. Your best bet is to be evaluated by a dermatologist if you are concerned about the possibility of having a skin cancer. Http://www. Mohspros. Com/library/3909/skinc.

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Scab on face for 2 years, heals then opens & bleeds on a continuous cycle. Had a biopsy and they said it wasn't skin cancer. HELP it's ugly and stings?

Facial Lesion. Greetings. I'm glad that the biopsy was negative for cancer. It was an incisional not an excisional biopsy. This means that your lesion was not completely removed. I would recommended seeking out a Moh's Dermatopathologic surgeon for complete removal. Once it is completely removed, a detailed path evaluation of the entire specimen will be performed and hopefully, it will finally heal.
Non-healing lesion. Even though this is not cancerous I would consider removing the lesion. Discuss with your doctor or dermatologist. There is little reason to have such a lesion on your face, this could be some type of a tract or the opening to a cyst. Seek another opinion if you do not get satisfaction.
Usually basal cell. By definition a lesion that ulcerates and later heals only to loose its scab, reulcerate and then heal again is the classic picture of basal cell Ca. It may be that the bx was inadequate and sampled the wrong area. One can try getting a script for Efudex (fluorouracil) which when applied daily x10 followed by A&D ointment x10 will result in complete healing. If lesion persists then excise.
Cancer. Cancer until proven otherwise. You need a second opinion from a Moh's Dermatopathologic surgeon. ASAP.