What does elevated lipids mean? How many different lipids do you have?

Lipid Definition. Lipids are fats. They are carried throughout the body in lipoproteins. Lipids have names like cholesterol, triglycerides and phospholipids. They are essential for life, yet when elevated to pathologic levels, or when seen in the setting of other cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes or high blood pressure can cause heart disease or in the case of triglycerides, pancreatitis.
3 main types. There are 3 parts to the lipid panel: ldl-c, hdl-c, and triglycerides. The ldl-c (bad cholesterol) goal is less than 100 mg/dl. The hdl-c (good chol) should be over 40 for a man and over 50 in a woman. The triglycerides (little fats) should be less than 150. If the hdl-c is over 60, then it is ok for the LDL to be up to 130 (or more depending). The total doesn't matter. So 3 vip numbers to know.