What is the survival rate after liver transplantation?

70-80% The graft and patient survival rates are 70-80% at 3 years. I would look at the outcomes for the center you're working with for the most current statistics.
It depends. Survival rates after liver transplantation depend on the age, health and gender of the recipient as well as some other factors such as the original cause of liver failure. Younger healthier females will do better than older, sicker males. In general, big studies show survival rates in the mid-to high 70 percentiles in the first year and close to 50% survival by 5 years.

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What is the survival rate of a patient with complete liver damage if they have a liver transplant.?

89% 1 yr survival. Liver transplant survival rates vary from transplant center to transplant center, but the average one year liver recipient survival rate in the us is nearly 90% and the 3 yr survival rate is approaching 80%. 10 and 20 year survivors are not uncommon! Read more...
Liver transplant . Actually, the survival rates following liver transplantation for acute liver failure is very good overall with as many as 90% of patients doing well at one year and long term depending on the underlying cause of the liver damage. Read more...